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IDEA2024 Congress IDEA2024大会 
Call for Proposals 提案征集


Academic Presentations学术成果展示

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IDEA2024 welcomes proposals to present 


Academic Research Papers






Align your proposal to the Congress Themes.


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Important reminders
  • Submissions for workshops, papers and panels -

January 31, 2024 

  • Notification of acceptance

28 February 2024

  • Early Bird Registration  closes

15 March 2024

Criteria for selection

See below definitions
for formats

All proposals will be reviewed by the IDEA2024 Advisory Committee using the following criteria:

o   Contributions should make a significant contribution to knowledge and/or practice in Drama Theatre and Education and address the themes and sub themes of the Congress

o   Contributions should clearly identify the author’s experience or other credentials in Drama Theatre and Education

o   Contributions should specify whether suitable for live/online or only live presentation 

o   Contributions should clearly address Congress session time limits

o   Papers (and workshops, where appropriate) must be suitable and presented to the IDEA Director of Publications for book or journal publication 

o   Live in person workshops should be presentable with minimal practical requirements

o   An indication of the space and/or equipment and furniture required for live in person workshops

o   Contributors must complete this Proposal/Expression of Interest Form including Declaration, Terms and Conditions.

o   Contributors must indicate their intention to register for the IDEA Congress and their capacity to participate.

  • 提案应在戏剧、剧场教育领域做出显著的理论和(或)实践贡献,并符合本次大会主题和子主题中的内容。

  • 提案应明确说明作者在戏剧、剧场教育领域的经验或其他资质。

  • 提案应说明是否适合现场/线上或仅适合现场展示。

  • 提案应清晰地考虑大会会议时间限制。

  • 论文(以及适用的研讨会)必须适合并提交给IDEA出版主席以供书籍或期刊出版(IDEA不具备电子出版能力)。

  • 现场工作坊应以最简的操作要求进行展示。

  • 说明展示所需的空间和(或)设备、道具。

  • 通过审核并参加展示的申请人还必须注册并成为IDEA会员。

Definitions for Call for Participation 



All presentations are to be directly relevant to the Congress theme and subthemes.



Duration – how long is the activity

时长- 进行展示的时间范畴

Description 描述

Workshop - sharing drama education practice 


工作坊- 分享戏剧教育的实践案例

90 minutes



The presenter(s) run a practical drama workshop for 20-30 participants who actively engage in the workshop. The workshops share and discuss drama education practice, methods and approaches.



Click here for definitions
Academic Paper – sharing drama education research 


学术论文- 分享在戏剧教育领域的研究

Each paper is 30 minutes (i.e. a 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes question and answer discussion)


每篇论文的展示时间为30分钟 (即20分钟展示,10分钟问答讨论)


Each 90 minute time slot includes three 30-minute paper presentations grouped around congress themes.

A session leader introduces each speaker briefly and keeps the session running to time. Audience members stay for the 3 papers presented in a session.



Panel – discussion on drama education practice and theory 


专题研讨- 关于戏剧教育理论和实践的研讨

90 minutes



A drama education researcher/scholar (Panel Convenor) proposes a relevant topic and invites 3-4 other drama educators to share ideas about the topic as a team. The panel session begins and introduction from the convenor with each member of the panel making an opening 5-7 minute statement. This leads to a discussion by panel members on the topic which invites comments, questions and contributions from the audience on the topic. The panel convenor moderates the discussion. Each panel member concludes with a closing statement.



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