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Ma Wenqi 麻文琦  

Ma Wenqi is a professor, doctoral supervisor, and director of the Department of Humanities at the Central Academy of Drama, engaged in drama theory research and teaching, drama criticism, and stage playwriting. He has presided over a number of research projects of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture; Undertake the research of sub-projects of major national social science projects; Editor-in-chief of the "Drama Criticism" section of "Encyclopedia of China: Drama Volume"; Responsible for presiding over the formulation of the "Art Curriculum Standards" and "Drama Curriculum Standards" in the national compulsory education stage. He has published monographs "Postmodernism and Contemporary Theatre", "European Comedy Genre Studies", co-authored "Dramatic Art" and "Chinese Opera", and published a number of papers.


China's "Drama Curriculum Standards"

Introduce the background and thinking of the formulation of the "Drama Curriculum Standards" in Chinese mainland


Congress themes addressed

  1. 探索戏剧教育的新可能性和情景

  2. 拓宽戏剧教育对话

  • 1) Explore new possibilities and scenarios for drama education

  • 2) Broaden the dialogue on drama education

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