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Young IDEA

A feature of IDEA Congresses has been a project to bring young members of IDEA together to work together and create performance to be shared with the whole congress.  

Young IDEA Lab 2024 Project Plan
Young IDEA 2024初步策划

  • 主题:

  • 指定主题:2024年Young IDEA Lab将围绕大会主题“天下大同”进行创作。

  • Theme:

  • Specified topic: The Young IDEA Lab 2024 will work around the IDEA 2024 Congress theme “天下大同” (tiān xià dà tóng) — Constructing a harmonious Cultural, Artistic, and Spiritual Home for Humanity through Drama and Theatre.


  • 人员构成:国内与国际参与者可以达到1:1的参与比例

  • Participants: Ideally Chinese and international participants could reach same amount.

  • 参与要求:18-36岁之间,是青年戏剧或戏剧教育从业人员,或对领域感兴趣,愿意与不同文化的参与者交流合作,最好有一定的语言能力(中英双语)。

  • Requirements: Young theater educators, theater makers and practitioners or students in those fields aged between 18 and 36 years old, that are interested in taking part in a cross-cultural exchange with other young professionals. Participants should also be able to communicate in English.


  • 签证与往来费用:自理

Visa and travel arrangements: All participants need to pay own visa and travel costs.


  • 食宿和场地:由大会提供,并且提供免费参加大会的机会

Food and accommodation: The Congress will provide food and accommodation for participants as well as registration for the Congress.

  • 时间线(和大会同步进行,在大会闭幕式呈现):


5月31日-6月10日: 筛选报名信息,确认能否参加






7月8日-14日:大会开始前和大会期间创排(大会期间,Young IDEA参与者会合作创作、排练并最终完成一部舞台作品)



  • Timeline (concurrent with the conference, presented at the closing ceremony):

May 1st - May 31st: Application period 

May 31st - June 10th: Review and confirmation of registrations

June 12th: First online meeting (brainstorming session)

June 19th: Second online meeting

June 26th: Third online meeting

July 3rd: Fourth online meeting

July 8th: Registration

July 8th – 14th: Rehearsals before and during the conference

July 15th-20th: Congress Proper; Continuation of Lab Work

July 19th: Presentation of Lab results


Young IDEA: 链接全球青年艺术家和戏剧教育者的网络


欢迎来到Young IDEA!







我们想建设连接世界的Young IDEA网络。


We are young.

We have a lot of questions.

We are international & worldwide.

We are artists, educators & scientists.

We want to promote transcultural exchange.

We are students, young professionals & lecturers.

We want to create a worldwide Young IDEA network.


Young IDEA is an international network of young artists & theater educators. We want to collaborate with people all over the world to create diverse projects in art & education. As a part of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association [IDEA] we are following the IDEA constitution. Learn more about IDEA at

Young IDEA是为全球青年艺术家和戏剧教育者建立的连接网络。我们希望与世界各地的艺与教育从业者合作,创作多样的项目。作为世界戏剧和教育联盟(IDEA)的一部分,我们遵循IDEA的各项章程。了解更多IDEA信息,请访问


We are not an independent association; our works following the interests of IDEA. We are interested in the participation of all young people, who feel connected to IDEA and especially, those who experienced Young IDEA events in the past.

Young IDEA不是一个独立组织,所有活动遵照IDEA指导。我们欢迎所有认同IDEA理念的青年参与,尤其是有Young IDEA的活动经验的参与者。

The 2024 Young IDEA event is about to launch, and we cordially invite you to join us! As an event aimed at individuals aged 18 to 36 who are passionate about drama and drama education, the goal of Young IDEA is to promote cross-cultural exchange, collaborate on creating an exciting theatrical production, and showcase it at the IDEA conference.


As a participant, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other drama enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, share your unique insights and experiences, and collectively create a captivating theatrical piece. In this creative and dynamic environment, you will grow alongside like-minded individuals and make friends from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Please note that visa arrangements and travel expenses are the responsibility of each participant. We hope that participants have proficiency in English, as our team will consist of members from around the world. This will provide you with more opportunities for communication, broaden your horizons, and enrich your cultural experiences.


Whether you are a student, educator, artist, or industry professional, Young IDEA welcomes your participation! We believe that everyone can bring new inspiration and ideas to our project.


If you are interested in participating in the 2024 Young IDEA event, please register to join our team now! Please visit our official website for more information and registration details[RP1] . Let's create miracles together on this exciting journey of drama!


2024年的Young IDEA活动即将启动,我们诚挚邀请您加入我们的行列!作为一个面向18至36岁年龄段、对戏剧和戏剧教育充满热情的活动,Young IDEA的目标是促进跨文化交流,共同创作一部精彩的戏剧作品,并在IDEA大会上展示。






无论您是学生、教育工作者、艺术家还是戏剧行业的从业者,Young IDEA都欢迎您的加入!我们相信,每个人都能为我们的项目带来新的灵感和想法。


如果您对参加2024年的Young IDEA活动感兴趣,请即刻报名加入我们的团队!请访问我们的官方网站以获取更多信息和报名细节。让我们一起在这个激动人心的戏剧之旅中创造奇迹!

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