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"A Harmonious World — Constructing a harmonious Cultural, Artistic, and Spiritual Home for Humanity through Drama and Theatre" (天下大同 - tiān xià dà tóng)

The concept of "A Harmonious World" signifies a society of mutual trust, harmony, and order. It is an essential aspect of ancient Chinese philosophy, expressing

the ancient people's pursuit of understanding the world and their aspiration for a harmonious coexistence of humanity.

In today's world, human thinking is becoming increasingly divided, leading to separation, conflicts, and self-centredness. However, humanity should strive for

mutual assistance and coexistence, moving towards the direction of building a shared destiny for all. We need to adopt a unified perspective to overlook the overall state and ultimate relationship of the world and humanity.

Drama is an ancient art form that naturally concerns human fate. It serves as a medium for spiritual and cultural manifestation, communication, exchange, and

understanding among people of different ethnicities around the world. It aids humanity in better understanding oneself, others, and the world.

This congress aims to encourage drama educators to utilize drama for the inheritance and dissemination of human outstanding cultures, facilitate communication

and exchange among various ethnicities and civilisations, and build bridges of friendship and mutual trust through drama. By contributing to the construction of a shared destiny for humanity, we work together with people from all over the world to realize the concept of "Each Beautiful in Their Own Way, the Beauty of Humanity, Beauty Shared, A Harmonious World."

Build connections across mountains and seas

IDEA2024 will build a stage for the all the players:

Sub themes
1)    Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and Practice

——授人以渔”(shòu rén yǐ yú)


Not only providing fish for people, but also teaching them how to fish.

In IDEA2024, drama teachers and performers are invited to share their teaching and learning practice. Through sharing, discussing and learning through the experiences of others, we make our drama teaching stronger. Delegates are invited to focus on Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education, Non Formal or combinations of these.

2)    Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding

——“和而不同” (hé ér bù tóng)


In interpersonal interactions, one can maintain a harmonious and friendly relationship with others, while not necessarily agreeing with them on specific issues.

IDEA2024 provides places for drama teachers from China and the world to meet and learn from each other. The Congress is a showcase for drama teachers from China to share their work. International delegates provide insights into their own practice and contexts. Local and international performances provide insights into trends and developments. 


3)    Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education

——“苟日新,日日新,又日新” (gǒu rì xīn, rì rì xīn, yòu rì xīn)​

Be diligent in self-reflection, timely introspection from a dynamic perspective, and continuous innovation.

IDEA2024 invites researchers in drama theatre and education and the arts to present their research and to receive feedback. Research topics include formal education, applied theatre, non-formal and community education, teacher education, curriculum theory and practice.

4. Widening drama education conversations

——“坐而论道,起而行之” (zuò ér lùn dào,qǐ ér xíng zhī)​

Sit down and discuss matters, and then immediately stand up to implement after listening.

IDEA2024 is focused on shaping the future of drama education. How will you contribute to the emerging world and help more students understand how drama enriches their lives? How will you build partnerships, publications, research and projects. How will you continue conversations beyond the congress into the future?

These subthemes provide ways to:

Promote drama, theatre and education and build partnerships before, during and after the conference.

  1. Share and discuss our practice with a focus on embodied drama learning and teaching and creative performance.

  2. Celebrate research about drama teaching and learning.

  3. Connect drama education to future trends through exploring relationships between drama and other curriculum disciplines and UNESCO's Sustainable Development

IDEA2024 is inspired by the principles of Stimulation, Contemplation, Communication, and Criticism.

The Congress is designed to:

  1. Stimulate your imagination, reflection, and inspiration about drama education.

  2. Think about drama education leading to understanding its purpose and place.

  3. Communicate with each other through discussion of thoughts and feelings. 

  4. Reflect critically about your current and future drama teaching practice.

From Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing, China.

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