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Solidarity Support

The aims of the Solidarity fund are to enable as many colleagues as possible from every part of the world to participate in the IDEA world congress. The congress is the most important forum for the IDEA membership, by which the international network is being maintained and developed, projects launched or evaluated, new working methods demonstrated and experienced, and new individual and institutional contacts made within the global drama and education community.

By supporting participants who otherwise would not have been able to participate due to financial constraints, IDEA seeks to ensure and strengthen the intercultural exchange that the congresses in particular can offer.

Criteria for solidarity support

  • Applicants need to be members of IDEA, as an individual member or through being a member of an association/organisation that is an IDEA member..

  • Applicants should work professionally in the field of Drama/Theatre Education

  • Applicants should be able and willing to become an IDEA-“representative/multiplicator” in their work field, association, institution, country.

  • Applicants should have made a significant contribution to their own dramatic or theatrical education in their home country.

  • Applicants should seek through their participation in the congress to strengthen the IDEA network and share their knowledge and ideas.

  • Applicants should prove that they are willing and able to follow these rules and the terms and conditions of the Congress

  • They need to provide evidence of the need for solidarity funds for attending the congress. 

  • Applicants sign a contract that requires them to file a report about the impact that their participation has had and will have on their country or region, according to the criteria given.

  • All applications for Solidarity support are confidential and support is not revealed to other congress participants.

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The solidarity delegates need to contribute to the congress.

Possibilities of contribution to the congress:

  • Presentations in the academic programme

  • Workshop or rehearsal sessions in the Young IDEA program, a student theatre festival or IDEA summer school 

  • Support the congress organizers (for example, providing assistance behind stage, taking minutes in SIG’s or others, translation, ….)

  •  Part of the artistic programme. (It could for example be a performance on designated times in or outside of the congress program. (For example: Itishree Devi who gave a performance of Indian dance for the whole congress during one of the morning assemblies and the community theatre troupe Natya Chetana from India, which performed for both congress participants and the people of Bergen.) 

  • Contributions to an IDEA-Publication after the congress about the theme of the congress with Keynotes, reports, articles for other media, etc.


Solidarity Committee

A Solidarity Committee will take care of applications from the fund.

The task of the committee is to establish contact with various organisations for support, to investigate and verify applications made by the delegates, final selection of the solidarity delegates according to the IDEA criteria, and correspondence with solidarity delegates.

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