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W21 Kathryn Dawson, Xinyue Zhang

Kathryn Dawson

Xinyue Zhang

" University of Texas at Austin
Head of MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities; Director of Drama for Schools"

Daring to Dialogue: Activating visual literacy through drama-based pedagogy

90 minutes


"We live in a visual world. Images are constantly informing how we think and feel whether we are conscious of them or not. Visual literacy, or the ability to read and understand images and symbols is something we do not often prioritize in education. But it can be a potent tool for students and teachers to start dialogues, build empathy, and imagine a more just and peaceful world. In this interactive workshop, we explore how drama-based teaching strategies focused on visual literacy can be productive tools for K-12 teachers, TiE practitioners and their students to engage in daring dialogues across the curriculum.

To introduce and explore theories of visual literacy in drama and theatre K-12 education as a way to: 1) spark and mediate dialogue, 2) make the invisible visible, 3) prompt self-expression and reflection, and 4) imagine new possibilities. "

"Katie Dawson uses the arts to increase equity, access, and belonging in education. She is an associate professor at The University of Texas in Austin and heads the MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities program. Katie’s award-winning books include: The Reflexive Teaching Artist and Drama-Based Pedagogy.

Xinyue Zhang is M.F.A. student in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities (DTYC) at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research and practice lie at the intersections of applied theatre, early childhood education, and museum studies.
Presentation language: English and Chinese"

"Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practicer: Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education,

Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama educationr: Formal education, non-formal and community education, teacher education, curriculum theory and practice."

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