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“天下大同” (tiān xià dà tóng)
— Constructing a harmonious Cultural, Artistic, and Spiritual Home for Humanity through Drama and Theatre.

“天下大同”is an important strand in ancient Chinese thought, expressing our ancestors' hopeful vision of harmonious coexistence among all people in the world. The IDEA2024 Congress invites you to use drama as a medium to spread, communicate, and understand the spirit and civilization of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

By contributing to the construction of a shared destiny for humanity, let us work together with people from all over the world to realize the concept of "Each Beautiful in Their Own Way, the Beauty of Humanity, Beauty Shared, A Harmonious World."

Fulfilling the IDEA vision

IDEA exists to provide an international forum for communicating about, promoting and advocating for drama/theatre and education. IDEA congresses support the development of drama/theatre practice and theory as part of a full human education. 

Co-hosting IDEA2024 with IDEAC, our IDEA member, is a practical way of bringing together a community that shares a vision for drama and theatre education. Our broad IDEA2024 Congress aim is to bring together an international community of teachers, artists, scholars, educators, young people and students to share drama practice and knowledge about approaches and innovations in the fields of drama, theatre, the arts and education. 

People at IDEA event
Congress Format

The Congress will be designed for people taking part either:

• in person in Beijing

• online through technology.

The program provides keynotes, academic research paper presentations, workshops, social events, and performances.

Map showing event location

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The Congress in Context

These are exciting times for drama education in China. There are increasing opportunities for drama in the revised curriculum. Teachers see the need to learn more about using drama for learning. Parents and leaders see the value of drama for communication and building confidence. Students see practical ways of expressing ideas and sharing them.

Building on the work of the last 10 years, IDEAC is ready to lead and support greater understanding of the potential of drama education. 

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Important Dates

Updated date for SIG

Submissions for SIGs Coordinator and themes: March 23rd, 2024.

Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2024.

Early Bird Registration May 15

Early Bird Registration NOW closes 15 May 2024

Proposals now closed.jpg

Submissions for workshops, papers and panels - NOW Closed

  • Notification of acceptance 28 February 2024



• The image is derived from the Chinese character "同" (tóng), corresponding to the theme of this congress - Constructing a harmonious Cultural, Artistic, and Spiritual

Home for Humanity through Drama and Theatre. This theme aligns with the ancient Chinese philosophical idea of "天下大同" (tiān xià dà tóng).

• The central position features the English name of IDEA, symbolizing the journey of the 10th IDEA and IDEAC crossing nine lines to form a portal in time and space, leading to the 2024 congress.

• Above the doorframe, the Arabic numerals 2024 are formed from traditional Chinese patterns, representing the cultural uniqueness of the 2024 congress.

• The logo as a whole resembles a theater, symbolizing how drama transcends the boundaries of time and space, leading people to a magical world.

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