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AP18 Upton Raphael

The Time to Act Project: teachers’ experiences of drama as pedagogy for sustainability education

This paper presents initial findings from the ‘Time to Act’ project, a collaboration between Drama Victoria and Deakin University’s Centre for Regenerating Futures. Time to Act is a program of professional learning that brings teachers together to develop and share practice in drama pedagogy for teaching the Australian cross-curriculum priority area of sustainability. Initiated in 2022, the inaugural workshop engaged educators with interdisciplinary inquiry through drama and arts education, and was led by First Nations people, visual artists and drama educators. Developed further in 2023, the program offers experiential, aesthetic and affective approaches to deepen the exploration of sustainability and climate change education from multiple perspectives, inviting teachers across disciplines to form a community of practice and take the lead in generating involvement in sustainability education in their school. The paper presents the initial research findings about teachers’ experiences of drama pedagogy for sustainability and climate change education.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education Formal education teacher education, curriculum theory and practice

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