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International Advisory Committee

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IDEA and IDEAC thank and acknowledge the support and guidance of members of the International Advisory Committee.
Members are drawn from the IDEA Community from the four IDEA Regions as well as from the host organisation. 

Host Organisation

Ma Wenqi 麻文琦, China

Fresco Su Yi 苏毅, China

Au Yi-Man, Hong Kong China

Xiaohua Zhang, Chinese Taipei


Christopher Odhiambo, Kenya

Mercy Mirembe NTANGAARE, Uganda


Peter Duffy, USA Nth America

Liliana Galvan, Peru, Sth America


Aishwariyah Nathan, Singapore

Janinka Greenwood, New Zealand

Naoko Araki, , Japan


Stig Eriksson, Norway

Maria van Bakelen, France/Netherlands

Olafur Gudmundsson, Iceland

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