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Jonathon Neelands

Professor Jonothan Neelands PhD, DSc is a National Teaching Fellow, Professor of Creative Education at the Warwick Business School (WBS) and Chair of Drama and Theatre Education at the University of Warwick. In addition to his academic profile, he is an experienced creative workshop leader and drama practitioner, with a national and international reputation for delivering high quality keynotes, executive education and master classes. Recently, he was Director of Study for the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value and Research Project Director for the Creative Industries Federation. He is Director of Research on the Executive Bid Committee for Coventry City of Culture 2021.

乔纳森·尼兰兹(Jonothan Neelands)教授(拥有哲学博士及科学博士学位),是英国国家级教学奖获得者,英国华威大学商学院(WBS)创意教育专业教授,以及华威大学戏剧与剧场教育专业主席。除了学术成就,他还具有丰富的创意工作坊主持经验和戏剧实践经验,因发表高质量主题演讲、高管教育和大师班课程而在国内外享有盛誉。最近,尼尔兰兹教授还担任了华威大学未来文化价值委员会研究主任和创意产业联合会研究项目主任。此外,他还担任了2021年应该考文垂文化城市执行投标委员会研究主任。

Lowering the walls

Drama and other educational forms of theatre have spread across the globe and inspired teachers, artists and people of all ages and cultures. In this keynote address Jonothan Neelands will reflect on his drama and theatre journey and how it has been shaped by key experiences, insights and the good fortune to meet and work with extraordinary teachers, theatre workers and drama educators across the world. The Golden Thread for this journey has been the endless search to develop a practice that brings the humanity of theatre into our lives as a source for learning, imagination and growth. 

戏剧和其他形式的教育剧场已在全球各地广泛传播,激励着各个年龄和来自不同文化背景的教师、艺术家和喜爱它的人们。在这次主题演讲中,乔诺森·尼兰兹教授将回顾自己的戏剧和剧场艺术之旅,以及关键经历、深刻见解和与世界各地杰出教师、剧场工作者和戏剧教育工作者相遇并合作的好运是如何塑造这一旅程的。这段旅程的“黄金线索” 是不断寻求发展一种实践——将戏剧和剧场的人文精神带入我们的生活,成为学习、想象和成长的源泉。

Congress themes addressed

1) Sharing global drama education experience and practice


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