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W6 Janinka Greenwood

Janinka Greenwood


University of Canterbury

Using Drama as a Research Method - why? and how?

90 minutes


This workshop allows particpants to explore the use of drama as a reaserch methodology. The research may be formally academic or it may be a more informal investigation. We will look at why we might use drama as an investigative tool. We will explore how to use this approach and examine its effectiveness at various stages of the process. Participants are invited to bring projects, ideas, plans or just questions.

Because drama, as well as other arts, engages us viscerally and emotionally as well as intelectually, it is a means to broaden understandings of knowledge and so contributes to the conference themes of Constructing a harmonious Cultural, Artistic, and Spiritual Home for Humanity.

Teacher, writer, resercher, activist, grandmother.

Nearly 60 years of making and playing with drama in schools, theatres, and in various public places.

See also

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Researchers , both formal and informal); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (Researchers , both formal and informal); Widening drama education conversations

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