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W41 Lyngstad

Western Norway University of applied sciences
National drama and theatre teacher organisation – the County team of Western Norway.

Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding through drama and applied theatre for masters studens practice abroad.

90 minutes


The great pioneer Cecily O´Neill comment in a conference in october 2023 that to work with tableus is overused and undeestimated. In this workshop I will give the participants experience with a lot of different ways to work with tableau, that we have been used a lot in the education system in Norway. And we will open for an interculturell dialog in betwwen the participant experience with tableau. The goal is to collaborate in a creative way, and try to find som new ways of working with tableau together.

Mette Bøe Lyngstad is professor in drama and applied drama at Western Norway University of applied sciences. She is a narrative researcher, and her latest research is storytelling with marginalised gro

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice
Especial in the workshop I will share how we in the drama education system has trained all teachers to use drama in school, but also how I have been working with teachers to start with drama in their classes. We will introduce a workshop using tableau in different ways to learm

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