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W33 Glanville

Brendan Glanville


The Australian Acting Academy

Devising Theatre Through Long Form Improvisation

90 minutes


Devising Theatre through Long-Form Improvisation: Creating with a
Safety Net. Brendan Glanville, has over 30 years of coaching
experience and the creator of the Safety Net Philosophy, (Creating
Safe Spaces to totally support each other to take creative risks)
that underpins every workshop, class or camp that is run by the
Australian Acting Academy. This transformative workshop delves
into the alchemy of long-form improvisation, removing time
constraints and unlocking a realm of creative possibilities. With
proven techniques, honed through teaching over 80,000
individuals, this workshop will empower participants to construct
harmonious, cultural, artistic, and spiritual narratives. By fostering a
safety net environment, attendees will learn to support each other
in taking creative risks. Unleash the magic of storytelling with
simple yet effective techniques easily applicable to diverse age
groups. Elevate your drama education journey and contribute to
building a more harmonious world through the power of long-form
improvisation. By changing the stories we tell ourselves and then
tell others, we can in fact change the world.

Brendan Glanville, Founder, and Artistic Director of The Australian
Acting Academy, is a degree-qualified professional with an
impressive tenure leading the organisation since its establishment
in 1994. His extensive background in teaching and arts
management showcases a wealth of expertise. As a highly
engaging and dynamic speaker, Brendan's skills extend to program
development and directing for both stage and screen. His
unwavering passion for Drama in Education has driven him to
design and deliver impactful workshops. These sessions
comprehensively cover the drama curriculum for private and state
schools, employing innovative techniques such as devising,
improvisation, and movement. Brendan's approach aims to inspire
empowerment through storytelling, making him a compelling figure
at the forefront of drama education.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice; Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding;
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education

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