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W19 Tan

Jeffrey Tan


Theatre Today

Empowering Seniors to lead Seniors, a Collaborative Leadership Process Drama

90 minutes


Many a times, many community theatre programmes for Seniors reduce the seniors to merely participants. Ironically, the Active Ageing Centres then struggle to find and manage programmes that will engage and sustain the interests of the seniors.

This new process drama workshop by Drama Educator Jeffrey Tan, seeks to identify the leadership qualities of the seniors, some may be held leadership positions in their working or community life before retirement. Some seniors may demonstrate leadership qualities that can be harnessed to help the Active Ageing Centres manage their Volunteers’ programme.

This Process Drama uses the inspiration of Singaporean Children’s writer Sophia Huang’s ‘Mr. Roll finds New Life’ as a pretext for the senior participants to identify their leadership styles and collectively experience Collaborative Leadership. Through the process drama of exploring the various emotions of ‘finding new life’, several outcomes will emerge with the workshop. There will be haikus written by the participants, some role-play and beyond the self-awareness of each Leadership potential, there will also be a series of games that the seniors have collectively designed and built!

Jeffrey Tan is an experienced theatre director, drama educator and creative producer. He started Theatre Today in 2016, to conceptualize and produce theatre, art workshops and productions, for children, youths, seniors and the disabled community. Theatre Today values creativity, imagination, and collaboration, because together, we can co-create meaningful experiences!

Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education

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