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W30 Karas

The Legend of Şahmaran: Unveiling Mysteries through Drama

W30 Karas

Rojda Şükran Karaş



In the workshop, "The Legend of Şahmaran: Unveiling Mysteries through Drama," participants will delve into the captivating narrative of Şahmaran, a figure deeply rooted in Turkish, Kurdish, and Persian mythology. This legendary character, embodying both human and serpent attributes, serves as a profound symbol of wisdom, transformation, and the intricate relationship between humans and nature. Şahmaran, often depicted as half-human and half-serpent, represents the unity and continuum between humanity and the natural world, illustrating our integral and symbiotic connection to the environment.

Through storytelling, role-play, and improvisational techniques, this workshop aims to deepen participants' understanding of the Şahmaran myth, shedding light on its enduring significance in contemporary society. The unique form of Şahmaran – bridging human and natural elements – provides a powerful metaphor for exploring themes of coexistence, respect for nature, and the human journey of growth and change.

Designed for a diverse educational audience, including practitioners in early childhood, primary, secondary, and teacher education, the workshop aspires to enhance cross-cultural communication and understanding. It offers fresh perspectives in drama education, emphasizing the value of integrating multicultural narratives into teaching frameworks. Participants will gain innovative strategies to incorporate such rich, culturally varied stories into their teaching methods, fostering a global appreciation of cultural diversity and history.

This session is not just an exploration of a myth but also a journey into the deeper realms of human identity and our place in the natural world, all facilitated through the dynamic and transformative power of drama.

Rojda Şükran Karaş is an accomplished Creative Drama Instructor with a rich background in arts and education. Holding degrees in Turkish Language and Literature, Film and Video Production, and Communications, she completed her doctorate at İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, focusing on 'Creative Drama as a Participatory Inquiry with Syrian Women Refugees in Türkiye: Kitchen as a Metaphor.' Dedicated to fostering creativity and expressive skills in young minds, Rojda has developed engaging lesson plans at institutions like Istanbul Drama Sanat Akademisi and Verba Film, blending drama techniques with character development and performance preparation. Her expertise in script analysis and character development was further honed as a Script Consultant and Actor Trainer at Verba Film. Committed to social impact, she has coordinated film events that celebrate storytelling and cultural experiences.

90 minutes

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