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AP7 Dhiwahar

Yes! Let’s IMPROVe
Incorporating Improvisational Ethos in Indian Teacher Training

This paper introduces ‘Yes, Let's IMPROVe’, an improvisation workshop
framework designed specifically for Indian pre-service and in-service teachers,
aimed at enriching their teacher persona, perspective, preparation, and
classroom performance. Shifting away from theoretical dominance in traditional
(Indian) teacher training, this study aims to shed light on how collective improv
practice can inform and impact K-12 educators’ effectiveness through the
internalization of an ‘Improvisational Ethos’. The intent is to cultivate a ‘yes, and’
mindset that empowers teachers to facilitate more inclusive, engaged, and
effective classrooms. This unconventional literature review itself serves as an
interactive practicum, mirroring the immersive nature of IMPROV. The proposed
intervention’s key contribution lies in transitioning from a theoretical approach
to an experiential learning paradigm in teacher education, especially in India.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Teacher Education); Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (Applied theatre, Teacher education, Curriculum theory and practice); Widening drama education conversations

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