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Increasing Effect and Usage of Drama in Education- Experience and Practice after Pandemi: Turkey Example

30 minutes

After pandemi, the project number and the use of creative drama as an methodology in schools, universities and projects increased dramatically. In this presentation I will mention about the projects of the Creative Drama Association (For example; Erasmus plus K220 projects, Sabancı Foundation Project, Ministry Education Projects including their target groups, their content, their teaching plans and so on..Alsoincreasing amont of higher education apllication of creative drama will be explained in detail based on a meta analysis study. Global widepread of usage of drama in different countries will be explained in terms of projects, thesis and articles carried out in the association. In the presentation, emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education will also be presented.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice Teacher Education, Non Formal or combinations of these target groups
Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education teacher education, curriculum theory and practice, other
Widening drama education conversations

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