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AP5 Cretu

Drama-based activities for children with different abilities

In Romania, there has been a sustained effort since the 21st century to integrate
young people with different abilities into mainstream education. This process is a
meandering one, depending both on human and material resources. Initiatives in
the non-formal education sector have emerged to promote the understanding of
people with different abilities in order to integrate them in community activities.
Theatre games studied both at academic level and in pre-academic education
invites the participants to express themselves, promoting the idea that
understanding the other is the first step towards communicating. The paper
presents the importance of using drama activities in the context of creating safe
spaces for groups with different abilities, with direct focus on people with visual
impairment. The aim is both training drama specialists and integrating the
beneficieries within the community. Based on the practice, there is a work in
process methodology that will be shared and discused.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Non Formal or
combinations of these target groups)

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