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AP47 Bettman

Wonder why? Exploring difficult social situations with pre-adolescents during Creative Arts classes

The performative, experiential teaching and learning in a case study with a Forum Theatre application showed that the participating children learned various life skills during their devising and in the culminating Forum Theatre experience. The teaching lesson plans gave modelling opportunities wherein the learners and their teacher explored the nature of problems suggested by the children and learned they could communicate through their facial expressions and physical movements. The learners also experienced, with the guidance of their teacher, that by changing behaviour in response to a problem situation, a different outcome can be brought about. A safe theatrical space is necessary to gain the learners' cooperation and trust. During the creative process of collaboration and exploration, the children in a class group reported being more tolerant, making new friends, and gaining more respect for each other. The wonder concept applies to the children's learning experience during performative creative arts lessons.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice Primary Teacher Education. Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education teacher education

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