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AP45 Proenca

Artistic education: The didactic dynamics and the role of Integrative Drama based on tales and legends in Teachers Training

In this paper, we intend to present a perspective in the performance through the integrative didactic dynamics proposed in the approach to traditional tales and legends on Drama Classes. The proposals leading to group performance were developed with students from the 1st year of Basic Education, from the Superior School of Education and Social Sciences – IPLeiria-Portugal. In this sense, Integrative Drama and improvisational processes are reported through the structure of the sessions. The students' reflections, trying to understand the contributions of the created model. The methodology employed through Participatory Action Research and Arts Based Educational Research, are convened, reflecting the structure in the presence of artistic and playful exploration, and the value of collaborative work in the proposed strategies. The results make possible to identify the role of the Integrative Drama didactic dynamics in teacher training, in order to increase the meaning of creative proposals for Drama.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice Teacher Education

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