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AP41 Heggstad

“A doll’s pram: Investigating archive in a performance with people in care homes”:

This paper will address ‘archive’ to investigate material from an interactive performance The Girl in the Attic – a performance for elderly people who are living with dementia. The performance toured care homes, care home complex, and care home hospitals in Bergen, Norway. The theatre form theatre-in-education (TIE) inspired the form of interactive communication with the participants. The development of the performance is informed by drama/theatre theories and artistic practices aimed at people living with dementia as participants/spectators. The girl in the attic is also informed by continuous meetings with two drama groups in a care home outside Bergen. The performance was toured to care home as a part of the artistic research. The girl in the attic has also been part of the Cultural Walking Stick Programme in and around Bergen, in 2018, 2019, and 2021. Experiences from the performances have been archived through writing logs after the performances.

"Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education
Applied Theatre"

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