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AP37 Machado

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Science Education: Unveiling Challenges and Innovations through Drama Pedagogy

In the realm of drama education within higher education, an especially underexplored context in literature, this abstract reflects on a unique Science, Art, and Education Semester undertaken with Biology pre-service teachers and post-graduate Science Education students. The semester offered students the opportunity to explore Diversity and Inclusion through various mediums, including music, paintings, and drama. The experience uncovered challenges when addressing sensitive topics such as minority issues. The students, predominantly science-focused, struggled with assuming the roles and voices of marginalized individuals, particularly those facing prejudice based on race, gender identity, and disabilities. This discomfort underscored the complexities and importance of navigating diversity and inclusion within educational settings, shedding light on the need for innovative approaches in drama education to foster empathy and understanding in science-related disciplines.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Teacher Education)

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