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AP30 AU Yi Man

What’s Next in Applied Theatre: A case study on The Day I Lost to explore
the potential of the integration of games and interactive theatre practice

Since 2019, TEFO has been exploring the integration of technology with
applied theatre. We have discovered many similarities between the
"narrative content" and "presentation format" in applied theater and the
design principles of "story" and "game mechanics" in electronic games. This
provides us with opportunities for cross-referencing, learning, and
interdisciplinary collaboration. As a result, we began exploring "game-based
learning" and reflecting on how gamified learning can be combined with
applied theater to create innovative forms through a combination of online
and offline interactions. In 2023, our team created an experimental interactive theater production
called "The Day I Lost," adapted from the story of Persephone in Greek
mythology. This production explores the theme of "loss" and incorporates
online and offline interactive elements. The aim is to use the artistic process
as a platform for audiences to reflect on and explore the meaning and process
of loss. The project includes both online interactive games and live
performances. In this presentation, we will use this project as a case study
to analyze the discoveries made through the integration of web technology and applied theater.

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education: applied theatre, non-formal and community education,

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