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AP26 Dartey

Resurgence of Play Productions: A Growing Trend in Ghanaian International

The Ghanaian theatre space has seen the growing trend of performances from its
secondary schools. These resurgence has led to the promotion of theatre among
school going children. Some of these schools have enhanced this interest by
introducing the performing arts programs as part of their courses. Some Ghanaian
International Schools like Association International School, Tema International
School, are among schools noted for producing annual plays. These annual plays
have in a way served as a marketing avenue for this schools, who invest a lot
capital to make sure that their plays are professionally executed. This paper seeks
to bring to the fore the importance of play productions and its antecedent benefits
to students. Focus will be on AIS’ Sarafina (2023) production. Data collected from
students in a form of reflections and journals would be analyzed to ascertain the
benefits these productions bring to them. The constructivist paradigm would be
engaged in the research whiles using the performance analysis approach to
analyze data to bring students experiences to the forefront.

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education
(Formal education, applied theatre, non-formal and community education, teacher education,
curriculum theory and practice, other)

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