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AP2 O'Farrell

Building a community of arts education:
Breaking down the silos

The Canadian Network for Arts and Learning was inspired by a UNESCO World Conference in Arts Education that took place in Lisbon, Portugal in 2006. UNESCO has followed up its interest in arts education as a unified sector with two subsequent conferences. The second conference, held in the Republic of Korea. produced the SeoulAgenda: Goals for the development of arts education while the third, scheduled for Februarv 2C24 will introduce the Abu Dhabi Framework for Culture and Arts Education. This paper will address the rationale behind conceiving a community of arts educators and will give examples of measures taken by the canadian Network to build community in this sector across a country where educators are separated by vast distances and where challenges and opportunities are presented bytwo official languages. These measures include national conferences, regional consultations and a digital map of arts educators that covers the entire country.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and Practice (combination of target groups); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Widening drama education conversations

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