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AP13 Lea

Harmonizing Mathematics and Theatrical Literature

Movies such as Oppenheimer, Hidden Figures, and A Beautiful Mind point
to a popular desire to engage with stories about mathematics and
mathematicians. Despite this interest in narratives around mathematics,
there is a common negative perception of engaging in mathematics.
Doxiadis’s (2003) notion of paramathmatics is an approach that seeks to
harmonize these subject areas by building upon the interest in
mathematics narratives to encourage conceptual mathematics
understandings without relying on computation. Drawing on theatrical
works such as Arcadia, Proof, Breaking the Code, and A Disappearing Number, this session shares specific examples of intersections of
theatrical literature and paramathematical ideas that may be used to
promote conceptual mathematics understanding. The discussion
concludes with considerations for widening the scope of drama and
theatre education by integrating paramathematical theatre into a
mathematics classroom.
Doxiadis, A. (2003). Embedding mathematics in the soul: Narrative as a
force in mathematics education. Paper presented at The Third
Mediterranean Conference of Mathematics Education, Athens, Greece.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Secondary education and comibation of target groups); emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (formal education); Widening drama education conversations

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