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AP12 Katsaridou

„Routes in light and darkness‟: An experience of collective creation in Greece 

How important are some routes in our lives? Relationships, obstacles and unexpected events are some of the themes that a young theatre group, after the deadliest rail disaster in Greek history (28-2-2023, Thessaly) decided to share with its audience through a collective artistic creation –what Tarlington and Michaels (1995) refer as playbuilding (Norris, 2000). Through drama/theatre education procedures and contemporary performing arts forms (devised theatre, documentary theatre) the group created the performance “Routes in light and darkness” in which they were to re-look at the content, draw insights and make new meanings. Both a meaning making method and a (re)presentational form, the drama/theatre process led the group to data generation, analysis, interpretation, and representation of the issues that young people wished to discuss and transform in their society. Special emphasis was given to promoting critical consciousness, empowering the participants as well as fostering social imaginaries for a more just and democratic society.

"Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice
Teacher Education
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education
Applied Theatre
Widening drama education conversations
Use of Play building in response to a natural disaster

Will include video as well as academic presentation."

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