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AP10 Franco

for the unknown

The world is upside down, a lot has changed in the last 10 years, some things are completely different from two years ago. Educators are talking about educating
for the unknown. Young people face numerous opportunities for failure. Drama
experiences have the potential to teach about overcoming failure, recreating
situations to reflect about them with perspective. According to Terry Gunnell
(2022), theater provides an opportunity to rehearse for life. The auditions for a
play are a moment associated with failure. In the school environment it is not only a matter of being accepted for the play, but about the sense of belonging to a group, making parents proud and demonstrating abilities, they reveal the
status of the structures of reception (Lluis Duch 2007). The task for teachers and directors in charge of the auditions demands lots of tact, as understood by Max
van Manen (1996).

Widening drama education conversations

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