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W8 Cheong

Sharon Yau

Isaac Siu

Chung Ying Theatre Company

Aesthetics and Engagement in Oral History Theatre with the Elderly

90 minutes


Oral History Theatre is a form of ethnodrama/documentary theatre that invites the elderly to reenact their real-life events on stage, aiming to contribute to cultural and intergenerational dialogue, as well as recognizing the seniors as valuable members of society. Through a series of drama workshops and interviews, the elderly share their stories, which will be then crafted into a theatrical performance by a team of directors and designers, and then handed back to the elderly to act. In this workshop, participants will experience a demonstration and sharing of aesthetics and engagement strategies employed in collecting personal stories with the elderly in Oral History theatre work. Aesthetic and Engagement tactics include: the use of objects, photographs, music, old songs, lyrics from new songs, abstract art, newspaper articles, process drama conventions

Both presetner Sharon Yau and Isaac Siu participated in cummunity threater production for 10 year. They work as director and script writers. Most of their work focus on oral history drama of Hong Kong elderly in reflecting community history from 50s to 90s.

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (applied theatre, non-formal and community education); Widening drama education conversations

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