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W7 Raphael and Zachrest

Jo Raphael

Katherine Zachest

Drama Victoria, Drama Australia; Deakin University, Melboune, Australia

A Time to Act – Sustainability and Drama Education

90 minutes


The ‘Time to Act’ project brings educators together to explore possibilities for putting drama at the centre of learning about Sustainability for students from Early Childhood through to Secondary levels. In this highly practical workshop, participants will engage in ‘futuring’ through embodied drama activities to understand how drama can help young people understand the challenges, imagine possible alternative futures, and take steps to support planetary wellbeing and harmony in uncertain times. We recognise an interdisciplinary approach with drama at the centre, involves critical thinking in action to assist students to develop positive, practical, and hopeful responses to our changing planet. Participants in this workshop will take away practical ideas and resources to engage learners of diverse levels, abilities and contexts.

Dr Jo Raphael (B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD, SFHEA) is Senior Lecturer in Drama Education at Deakin University and President of Drama Australia. She has been actively teaching and researching in schools, community and university settings for over 30 years, within Australia and internationally. Jo’s research and publications are in the areas of drama, applied theatre, interdisciplinary learning, and inclusive education.

Katherine Zachest has extensive teaching experience in drama and Arts education in early childhood and primary schools. She teaches pre-service teacher education at Deakin University. She is the author of Drama for Early Childhood which has been republished internationally. Katherine is currently studying her Ph.D. exploring the role of drama and the Arts to connect children to the natural world to promote sustainable thinking.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education); Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (formal education, teacher education, curriculum theory and practice, other)

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