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W44 Monika Necpálová

Monika Necpálová

Thalia Teatro (theatre)

Commedia dell´Arte as a comedic and physical theatre approach to social differences

90 minutes


Contemporary Commedia dell´Arte is a valuable approach to social community theatre and theatre in education. Humor created through physicality has an original aesthetic and can provide an educative way to deal with social differences and work towards a harmonical way of life across social backgrounds. Marginalisation is an important topic, and adults, as well as children can understand it better through Commedia dell´Arte. Participants develop their skills in physical theatre through methods of Commedia dell´Arte and understand what applied Commedia dell´Arte means. The workshop is for theatre professionals, drama/theatre facilitators, teachers, and those who use drama/theatre methods in art and education.

Slovak Performer, actress, director, dramaturg, writer, drama/theatre pedagogue, working internationally. She is the founder and president of an international NGO Thalia Teatro. She is a Master of Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts (Academy of Arts, Novi Sad; Applied Theatre) and graduated from the Creative Pedagogy program (Academy of Arts, Theatre Faculty, Prague). Her creative opus includes theatre plays, audio dramas, films for young audiences.

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