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W39 Stig A. Eriksson

Stig A. Eriksson


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

The Fiddler Girl. Exploring Jon Fosse’s children’s book through process

90 minutes


The workshop will investigate themes and motifs inscribed in an
illustrated children’s book: Spelejenta (The Fiddler Girl), by the Norwegian
author and Nobel prize laureate 2023: Jon Fosse, through the genre of
process drama.
We will use pictures and text excerpts from the book to look at obstacles,
dilemmas, and solutions that the main character, the fiddler girl, are faced
with in her quest of getting through to her father – somewhat like a character from a traditional Norwegian fairy tale. “Once upon a time
there was a little girl who loved to play the violin. She also possessed a
rare skill – when she covered her eyes with her hand, she could visualize
all that she was dreaming about”...

Stig A. Eriksson is Professor Emeritus at Western Norway University of
Applied Sciences, campus Bergen, Norway, the drama department. He has
worked in the field of drama education as lecturer and researcher for 45
NORLA Norwegian Literature Abroad is support Stig's presentation at IDEA 2024 in Beijing, China. This travel grant is provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ support program for promotion of authors abroad.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Primary/Elementary, Teacher Education); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding (National arts samples in an international context); Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (Formal education, teacher education); Widening drama education conversations (Imaginative literature as a source for drama)

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