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W25 Aaltonen

Heli Hannele Aaltonen


Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Arts and Media Studies

Seagulls, humans and performance: exploring human and more-than-human otherness

90 minutes


"Humans are part of the web of life and ecodramaturgical approach recognizes our interdependency and shared co-existence with other species and planetary ecosystem (Arons & May, 2012). The workshop will examine how ecodramaturgical approach in drama educational practice may promote positive ecocultural identity construction (Stibbe, 2020) where the focus is on care for individuals, social groups, more-than-human world: other species and ecosystems. The key question to explore is:
What linguistic and performative techniques can help create positive ecocultural identities?
The workshop will invite participants to explore embodied avian otherness by using excerpts from ecodramaturgical, contemporary Nordic play texts combined with storytelling, physical theatre exercises and poetry writing. practice where the community is regarded to have also more-than-human participants? "

Heli has worked as freelancer drama educator, child and youth theatre director, puppeteer and storyteller in Turku, Finland from 1980 – 2008. After submitting my doctoral thesis, I moved to Trondheim, Norway. Posthumanist, environmental turn in humanities have influenced my applied theatre research and teaching.

"Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education
applied theatre, non-formal and community education"

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