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W23 Chan

Dr. Yin-Lun Chan


Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD)

Landscape theatre: The foregrounding of place-based stories into drama education

90 minutes


Drama education has a long and successful history in facilitating the teaching and learning of human relationships, but less often engages in place-based considerations and concerns. With a background as a landscape architect, the facilitator has over the past decade developed tools and techniques derived from community theatre and community planning that focus on the foregrounding of place-based stories into the processes of drama education and theatre-making. From a temporal perspective, these methods are effective in capturing the oral and everyday histories of place, generating dialogues about the present challenges of communities, and envisioning the possible futures of landscapes. Spatial experiences are captured and incorporated into the drama education process through visual and other sensual tools including photographs, video projections, sound recordings, maps, and on-site explorations. The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate how a deeper engagement of place can be tremendously productive in expanding the scope of drama education.

Dr Yin-Lun Chan is Chair of the Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD). He is an urban historian, Registered Landscape Architect, and currently Assistant Professor at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi). He obtained his PhD in Architectural History and Theory from The University of Hong Kong and Master of Landscape Architecture from The University of British Columbia. His research explores the intersections of cinema, architecture, urban landscapes, community planning, and performance arts. He is Chief Editor of the HKILA Journal Yuan Lin and The History of the Landscape Profession in Hong Kong (2015). He is also founder of the Landscape Theatrics Troupe and has explored different possibilities of applying community theatre techniques in the expression and discussion of landscapes. He has performed and exhibited a series of work titled ‘Urban Explorations’ at multiple locations.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Teacher Education); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (applied theatre, community education, curriculum theory and practice); Widening drama education conversations

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