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W20 Hur

Jungmi Hur


Trinity College Dublin

Writing Beyond Words: exploring on post-process and drama in ESL creative writing

90 minutes


This workshop, a facet of my doctoral research, delves into the influence of drama-based pedagogy on creative writing among Korean ESL students. Focused on the 'post-process writing' approach, emphasizing social and cultural dimensions, the workshop explores synergies with drama. Through interactive engagement with Chris Naylor Ballesteros's 'The Suitcase,' participants follow the protagonist's journey, leading to reconstructing a memory through interactions with others. These imaginative experiences subsequently inspire the creation of a new narrative for the main characters, thereby fostering creative writing. This practical session offers firsthand insights into the intersection of post-process writing's emphasis on societal, cultural dimensions, and drama-based pedagogy.

JUNGMI HUR, a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin's School of Education, is researching the influence of drama-based pedagogy on the creative writing abilities of Korean students who are learning English as a second language. She also worked as a drama practitioner at schools and theatre companies.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Primary/Elementary, Secondary Education)

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