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Jane Carter


"Drama Victoria and
Mount Waverley Secondary College
Vice President Drama Victoria
Teaching and Learning Leader The Arts- Mount Waverley Secondary College
Drama. English and Media Teacher"

Clowning Workshop

90 minutes


"Welcome to Clowning! If you are new to Clowning this is a wonderful place to start!
Teaching clowning in a drama class can provide a holistic approach to performance, encompassing physicality, emotion, creativity, and interpersonal skills. Clowning encourages a playful and imaginative approach to performance. Students can explore creative and unconventional ideas, fostering a sense of freedom and spontaneity in their acting. This workshop will include a series of games, improvisations, character development and play-building to increase confidence, deep listening, openness and play. Participants will experiment with exaggerated movement, status, character traits and mime within a supportive group atmosphere. Participants you will find your ‘inner clown’ and an increased ability to release inhibitions and trust your instincts in performance. Embark on a journey of chaos, laughter and discovery!"

Jane Carter is a teacher and educator with over 21 years experience. She teaches Drama, Media and English and has been a Teaching and Learning Leader of The Arts and Performing Arts Leader. Jane is the Vice President of Drama Victoria where she has worked in the area of advocacy and advancement of Drama as a subject in education. Jane is a strong supporter and promoter of Arts subjects and their value in preparing students for the workplace.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice: Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary, Secondary

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