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W14 Cappello

Nicoletta Cappello


University of Girona (Doctorate in Art and Education) in co-tutelle with University of Catania (Department of Educaion)

Drama Tools for Embodied and Inquiry-based Teaching Practice in General Education

90 minutes


The proposal consists in a movement based performing arts session that focuses on bodily imagination and approaches engaged research embedded in the curriculum and training for the next generation of teachers. Teachers as agents of change must train their imagination, in order to prepare students to radically transform society (Brown 2017). As a performing artist and drama educator I know that imagination is an embodied phenomenon (Zarrilli 2020) that needs to be trained through the connection of body and mind and creative physical action. The proposal presents a set of tools for exploring the role of bodily creativity in teachers’ learning experiences and teaching strategies. In the session we share drama strategies for developing a research-oriented attitude towards embodiment in the classroom.

Teacher Education; Curriculum theory and practice; Other (research)

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