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W11 Stathopoulos

Henrietta Stathopoulos


Education Officer K-12 at Arts HQ, with Sydney Catholic Schools

“Imagination and creativity is the only weapon in the war against reality”

90 minutes


The importance of the role of creativity and the imagination in challenging and transcending the constraints of the everyday world can never be underestimated. Creativity can be a tool to navigate and reshape reality in our classrooms through gently bringing joy your teaching, your classroom and yourself.

When “creative mojo” is rediscovered, it enables us to generate new, exciting ideas, take risks, and bring a fresh unique perspective to our work. Understanding oneself and ones’ perspectives is essential for channeling unique and authentic creative expressions.

In this workshop, “re-finding” your creative mojo assists participants to build capacity and well-being through a series of varied and gentle practical activities aligned to discussion of strategies to awaken creative curiosity by looking into the mirror of their own teaching practice, so they can reimagine and reignite their love for teaching drama.

Finding our creative mojo is the Universe calling us back to then truth of who we are. It is an experience that servies as a wakeup call to the lifen we truly want.

Henrietta Stathopoulos, MA (Comms), BA, Dip Ed, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment, Cert III Live Production and Technical Services, is an accomplished figure in theatre and education. Currently an Education Officer K-12 at Arts HQ, with Sydney Catholic Schools, she explores curriculum and artistic programs. Her extensive roles encompass artistic direction, directing, singing, acting, teaching, writing, designing, dramaturgy, and producing. As an advocate for arts education, she mentors beginning teachers and emphasises teacher well-being. Recognised for her contributions, she received the NSW Education Ministers and ACE Award for Quality Teaching in 2006 and was a finalist in the 2014 Western Sydney region NSW Training Awards. With over 36 years in education, Henri continues to learn and contribute, presenting at national and international drama conferences and serving on various advisory panels for Sydney theatre companies. Currently affiliated with Drama NSW and MEAA, she remains dedicated to enhancing the educational landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (early childhood, primary/elementary, secondary, teacher education)

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