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W43 Suen

The spirit of "ritual theatre" creation reshapes the Eastern conception of the body, inner exploration, and all living beings connection
─ Awareness of culture in the body, body in culture
─ 覺悟身體裡的文化,文化裡的身體

W43 Suen

Wong Yim Suen王艷璇


Live and online 线下和线上

The spirit of "ritual theatre": a field of physical and spiritual healing and improvement; The ritual nature of drama and theatre, and the basis for practicing
the "Psychophysical Approach" (身心合一)
Creation is a process of setting up a sense of ritual;
Starting from the body in culture and the culture in body;
Reconstruct the "Oriental conception of the body" (東方身體觀)
and realize how social culture has into the genes
to effect thoughts, concepts, and behaviors;
Exploring cross-cultural "Entering the Tao/Truth through art" (以藝入道)

Wong Yim Suen ( Stage name: WheatSuen )
The leader and director of the theatre troupe "Sciouspace" and "Ubuntu Improv Theatre", and is currently a judge of "The Hong Kong Theatre Libre"(香港小劇場獎). In the early years, studied "Cultural Management" at CUHK. In the past 20 years, has been studying theatre performance training, drama application (T.I.E), and theatre anthropology. Specializes in environmental theatre, little theatre creation, and improvisational theatre performance training. In recent years, have been studying Eastern and Western mind-body exercises and ritual theater, and practiced Eastern body aesthetics and spiritual philosophy in theatre, as well as in personal cultivation and practice.

90 minutes

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice分享全球戏剧教育经验与实践
Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education, Non Formal
小学教育 / 中学教育 / 高校教育 / 教师培训 / 校外培训/ 以上都不属于
Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding促进跨文化交流与理解
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education 探索戏剧教育新的可能及发生场景
applied theatre, non-formal and community education
应用戏剧和剧场 / 校外培训 / 公共教育 / 教师培训 / 课程设计与实践 / 其他
Widening drama education conversations 拓宽戏剧教育交流与对话

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