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W42 Heggstad

Bicycle Man

W42 Heggstad

Katrine Heggstad

Sisi Zheng


A boy has seen him before. He follows him. Makes sure to
keep a little distance. Carful. Want to see what he is up to. The man walks
slowly, leaning forward, over the bicycle. The boy sends a message:
“Follows Bicycle man. Come. Walking street.” We work in a slow tempo on site, situation, and object. The workshop is developed by Kari M.
Heggstad and Katrine Heggstad .

Katrine Heggstad is a lecturer in drama education and applied theatre and
a P. hd. student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences,
Campus Bergen, Norway. She is course-coordinator of an international
module in TIE/Applied Theatre (20 ECT) since 2011 which is open for
students at STA. Katrine has a special interest for TIE and DIE from
working with very young to the elderly population living with dementia.

90 minutes

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice; Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Widening drama education conversations

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