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W37 Yan Lan

Implementing Mantle of the Expert in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) classrooms

W37 Yan Lan

Yan Lan



Mantle of the Expert (MoE) is an educational approach that uses drama and inquiry to create imaginary contexts for learning. Students assume the role of responsible experts in a real-life scenario. I am intrigued by the theories and concepts in MoE, and I would like to explore the feasibility of implementing the Mantle of the Expert (MOE) Approach in teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms. The research questions for my empirical study are as follows.

1. How can MoE be effectively integrated into the Chinese school curriculum to enhance the English language performance of students aged 10 to 12 in Western China, within the framework of informal educational teaching and learning contexts?

2. To what degree does the MoE course contribute to the improvement of students' English language performance, specifically in speaking and writing skills?

Experienced EFL teacher in mainland China (2012-now)

Sina National Five Star Teacher (2016)

DIE Master Student at Trinity College Dublin (2023-2024)

DIE practitioner and promoter (2020-now)

IDEAC Golden Writer (2022)

90 minutes

Primary/Elementary, Teacher Education, Non Formal; Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; non-formal and community education, teacher education

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