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W36 Lagunavicius

Styles of one person theatre

W36 Lagunavicius

Tomas Lagunavicius



My presentation would be about how creative technologies, methods can be used to create performances for one person. During the presentation we will learn about techniques and methods how to show this in practice.
Theatre is a collective form of art." This statement is based on long- standing theatrical practice, but is practice the only right method to create reality? It is something that most people would agree upon. Many experts, such as set designers, playwrights, actors, directors, composers, etc., are employed in traditional theatre. Individual performance elements are created by each of these specialists and subsequently realised ni the market. Can it, however, be otherwise? Perhaps one person could design every element required for a performance and carry out the whole thing from start to finish, including setting up the props and getting ready for the show. Karl Popper claims that scientific theory is right when ti can be denied with new scientific knowledge.

Tomas Lagunavicius considers himself to be post-matric person who works ni various cultural and artistic fields. He understand a post-matric person as someone who can think in different ways depending on the situation and the type of activity chosen. He came to visual art through directing plays and designing sets.

90 minutes

Teacher Education; Applied Theatre

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