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W35 Lavezzo

Acting for a Harmonious World

W35 Lavezzo

Elaine Lavezzo



This proposal aims to present a Brazilian Drama approach named TeMPhO (Pedagogical and Holistic Theatre Method), by encouraging participants to perform their reflections about how could be a Harmonious World. This workshop intends to engage IDEA participants to explore 21st Century skills, such as communication, creativity, collaborative work, flexibility, critical thinking and respect for others.

The workshop begins when participants introduce themselves and organize teams with different nationalities (15 minutes). After that, they will have 15 minutes to think about their perception of how a “harmonious world” could be. Then, participants have 15 minutes to organize a script of a 5 minutes performance to express their creation of a “harmonious world” and more 15 minutes to organize characters and to memorize lines. Then it´s time one or two rehearsals (15 minutes). Finally, the different groups share their 5 minutes performance of a “Harmonious World” with the IDEA audience.

Elaine Lavezzo is a Brazilian educator, journalist and playwright, who works as a Drama teacher at International School of Alphaville, in Brazil. Her PhD research at Fernando Pessoa University (Portugal) is about TeMPhO (Pedagogical and Holistic Theatre Method), an educational Drama approach to develop 21st Century skills such as communication, creativity and collaborative work, among others.

90 minutes

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (combination of target groups)

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