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W29 Taoufik

Imprisoned women doing theatre

W29 Taoufik

Chabchoub Taoufik



Women in prison, are they a relevant topic? The topic is about
imprisoned Tunisian women Using theatre as their source of
entertainment and motivation. Locked up in a cell every day for months
or even years, people start to lose hope and motivation. They feel
useless, they’re throwing their lives away. But this group of women had
hope and a glimpse of light. They started doing theatre as their hobby,
the prison provided them with space to perform and that was the only
time they felt free. The guards who once stood and watched them with
discuss became their audience and were fascinated by their skill and

I am a theater teacher .I’m working with young puipls 12-14 and 15-17 years old. I
I worked with amateurs
Professional actor, playwright and director and former
Volunteer in civil society to supervise a group of women - detained in a Tunisian

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