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W22 Karydi

Dramactivate: Embodied Storytelling for Language Classes

W22 Karydi

Evangelia Karydi



This workshop focuses on embodied storytelling and is a hands-on experience of ideas you can use with your own students to help them connect to the story by actively taking part in it. A perfect way to get our students physically and emotionally engaged in the language!

Evangelia (Evi) Karydi is an EFL teacher, the owner of iLearn Language School in Greece, a teacher trainer, the founder of Dramactivate: teaching language through embodiment, a volunteer storyteller-educator with the Hands-Up Project but above all she is an ardent supporter and practitioner of life-long learning who whole-heartedly believes that teaching is a work of heart.

90 minutes

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary, Secondary Education); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding

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