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W17 Cheung

Tree and Goose: Experiencing Zhuangzi to approach the Da Tong idea

W17 Cheung

CHEUNG Ping Kuen



Da Tong, the virtuous, ideal society firstly introduced in The Book of Rites, a Confucian classic, is not an idea longing for only by Confucians, but by almost every Chinese intellectual who has a wish to achieve the ultimate happiness. Zhuangzi, the renowned Taoist in the Warring Period, proposed arguments on how to eliminate the “self” and to nullify the dualistic concept, which are the key to approach Da Tong. In this workshop, the presenter will use “tree” and “goose”, the two metaphors Zhuangzi beautifully used as the tools. Participants will, characterize themselves as tree and goose, experience the Zhuangzi philosophy through practice, questioning and discussion, and eventually know how to negotiate the essence of Da Tong concept through Taoist elements: equalizing the differences and negating all kinds of labeling. At the end, participants will share their experience and consider making plan to facilitate their own workshops.

An active theatre practitioner and is now the Chairman of International Association of Theatre Critics (HK). He was a member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council from 1996 to 2007, chairing the Drama Committee. Retiring from the Head of Liberal Arts Studies of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, he is still doing part-time teaching for the Academy.

90 minutes

Secondary, Teacher Education, Non Formal or combinations of these target groups; Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Formal education, applied theatre, non-formal and community education, teacher education, curriculum theory and practice, other

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