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W12 Milosavljevic

SEED – Sustainability Education and Empowerment through Drama
Concise program presentation and workshop on Social Justice

W12 Milosavljevic

Sunčica Milosavljević, Ph.D (lead facilitator)

Nataša Milojević, (assistant facilitator)


To help teachers develop students’ social-emotional and action competences for sustainability, a team of drama pedagogues from Serbia with environmental, social and educational experts from across Europe devises a DiE program intended for use in Sustainability Education.

The five-module program focuses on social virtues underpinning sustainability ethics and uses creative drama to enhance personal and social transformation.

In the IDEA workshop, the program concept and selected exercises will be presented. Participating teachers will work in disciplinarily mixed groups of 3 (teachers of different subjects), on exploring and elaborating the cross-cultural concept of social justice.

The SEED program is a part of the Creative Europe supported project The Big Green promoting the role of arts and art/drama education in advancing global sustainability.

Graduate and postgraduate of the Belgrade University of Arts, Sunčica Milosavljević, Ph.D, works internationally as a drama and theatre pedagoge, director and deviser, researcher, curator, project leader etc.

With associations CEDEUM (1999) and BAZAART (2002), she established a wide platform for drama and theatre in education development in Serbia: workshops, seminars, conferences, festivals, productions, publishing, advocacy.

90 minutes

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Primary/Elementary, Secondary, Teacher Education, Non Formal or combinations of these target groups); Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (Formal education, non-formal and community education, teacher education)

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