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W10 Milojevic

Discovering the World – creative movement workshop for preschoolers

W10 Milojevic

Natasa Milojevic


“Discovering the World” is a creative movement workshop for teachers, educators, and artists who work with children from 5 to 8 years. The workshop will be realized in the form of process drama for preschool and primary school children, based on artistic music composed by Irena Popović Dragović „Welcome to the World“. The workshop resulted from a cross-sectoral Creative Europe project oriented on the educational potential of sound media, realized by the expert team of artists and pedagogues. The music used in the workshop is composed of six movements related to six learning dispositions: curiosity, courage, perseverance, creativity, critical thinking, and readiness for others.
During the workshop, the dancer-teacher leads the participants through a music-defined drama structure. This is realized as one big journey in an unknown area of an unlimited world. On this journey, the dancer-teacher gives the map and the participants find the roads and discover the adventures.

Nataša Milojević is a performer, dancer, choreographer, and dance and theatre pedagogue from Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the school of ballet, biology faculty, academic specialized studies in art - in theatre pedagogy, and the academy for physical and expressive theater.

90 minutes

Early Childhood, Primary/Elementary; Non-formal and community education

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