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AP50 Monika Necpálová

One-on-One Storytelling Intergenerational Show

The art-educational project describes the aims of the
implementation of educational activities for youth aged 16 to 25
with the aim of acquiring speaking skills. The paper explains the
educative and performative method that started with an online
storytelling course. Young participants acquired the ability to invent
and tell interesting stories. The course participants (youth) tried out
the acquired skills through individual performances for individual
beneficiaries aged 6 to 15 or for individual seniors.
Output programs (one storyteller per recipient) used take the form
of video calls, thereby achieving direct participation of the recipient
in the online theatrical processing of the story.
The paper presentation will reflect on the benefits of the project
(the author of the project is M. Necpalova, and the project was
implemented by Thalia Teatro in three editions, 2021, 2022, 2023).
Benefits: the implementation of innovative methods of education
and devising through storytelling in the online environment and
new approaches to interactivity and work with the audience, when
the audience is an individual participant in the artistic experience.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice

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