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Revisiting Reflections on Cross Cultural Collaboration and Participation in TIE: a paper dialogue.

The starting point for this ongoing dialogue is a collaborative production of the indonesian writer Eka Kurniawam Man Tiger, November 2023 directed by Xu Yang. Together with the fourth year BA- students in Drama Education Xu invited six 2nd year BA-students from HVL to participate in the fourth year class´s final production. Man Tiger TIE was a co-production between two long term collaborating institutions Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) partly financed by UTFORSK. Zhang Weihang is a former student at STA and HVL and is currently a p.hd. student in Beijing. Katrine Heggstad runs a TIE-module at HVL and is one of the teachers of the 2nd year BA-students from HVL. The conversations continues.

"Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice
Teacher Education"

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